Horizons Splashbacks

Horizons is an extremely versatile design which is infinitely variable in both size and colour.

This design is available in the following five options but if you do not see the colour to compliment your kitchen scheme please email me with your requirements.

There is a maximum single panel size of 890mm x 750mm although larger spaces can be covered using a triptych (3 panel) installation. This design also works well as a wall art installation.

Scilly Horizons

Using a palette of aqua and turquoise with bands of textured vibrant lime green horizons across the centre, bespoke pebble bands across the lower section and paling to a textured lighter sky at the top.

This colour choice seems to compliment many neutral kitchens in both traditional and modern design.

Please contact Ali with sizes for a quotation.

Beach Horizons

Another take on the Horizons range this time using warm wispy amber and brown glass with natural pebble bands and sea shades across the central section, paling to a textured skyline at the top.

This variation works beautifully with oak wood cabinets, worktops and flooring.

Please contact Ali with your sizes for a quotation.

Blue Horizons

With a greater emphasis on blue shades this Horizons variation evokes the feeling of the sea.

It can be made with or without the lime green accent bands across the centre.

Please contact Ali with your sizes for a quotation.

Reflection Horizons

This version of the Horizons range absolutely captures the essence of a Cornwall peninsular view.

Using textured water effects across the central section, many shades of sea blues and with lime green peninsulars jutting into the water to create an effect that is instantly recognisable.

The design pales upwards to a textured skyline.

Please contact Ali with your sizes for a quotation.

Skies Horizons

The Skies version of the Horizons range works perfectly when a paler pastel effect is preferred.

Sky blues, silver greys, aqua and a wispy white skyline with precious metal inclusions work beautifully together for a calming effect.

Please contact Ali with your measurements for a quotation.